What Are The Best Lightroom Presets For Instagram?

Every photograph has its own unique atmosphere and potential to become a masterpiece. But if you want to distinguish your photographs from others and showcase a specific atmosphere, then you can do it by choosing your favourite presets and adding them to the Lightroom. Nothing can beat the Lightroom presets when it comes to adding an extra flair to your photographs. They are easy to use and bring stunning effects to your photos without any struggle. With the help of Lightroom presets you have a style that stands out from the crowd. It will bring consistency to your professional branding which helps customers to rely on your product. 

Here, we will provide you the list of the best Lightroom presets for adding stunning effects to your Instagram shots. With the help of these Lightroom presets you can give a soft Instagram feel to your photos. They do not change the white balance of your photos so that you can use them with diverse shots. 

  • Etsy: 

Hundreds of professional Lightroom presets are available on Etsy. The sellers offer single presets, as well as preset bundles for great prices. They also regularly run sales, so you can definitely find best deal suitable for your needs. To start with, check out The Preset Design’s Etsy shop and grab your Free presets today when you buy any two items!

  • Presetpro: 

From Presetpro, you can check out a variety of free Lightroom preset collections. With an extensive collection of Lightroom preset bundles available on Presetpro, you can download one preset for free. This provides you the best opportunity to sample presets before you buy them. Test the film-inspired Instagram preset as they are considered best on Presetpro. 

  • Greater than Gatsby:

They are a well-known creator of presets offering a 10-preset sample pack to download for free. Their preset packages retain skin tones so that your beautiful subjects won’t look anaemic by the unnatural colors. 

  • FreeLightroomPresets.co:

It is considered a sister site of Lookfilter.com offering an extensive collection of lightroom presets. By joining their mailing list, you can get updates on new available downloads. 

  • Cole’s Classroom: 

Their collection of Lightroom presets is packed with a mix of looks and features that easily fit a variety of photo subjects. Their presets are considered a good fit for portraits as most of them offer stylised looks. If you are looking for a casual portrait with a vintage flair, then check out Cole’s classroom. 

  • Fix the Photo: 

They are specialized in photo retouching services offering a large collection of lightroom presets. If you are looking forward to buying presets then refer to their “pro” presets. But to get that Instagram-worthy look, you can also stick to their free presets.  

  • Photonify: 

It is a site selling photo editing tools with a section of freebies. From each of their bundle, you can get preset for free so that you can sample their Instagram presets before purchasing. 

  • Lightgram: 

For Instagram-worthy photos, make sure to check out Lightgram’s freebie bundle. There are introducing their 15 Lightroom presets for sale. Their looks are modern as well as moody making them a perfect choice for Instagram feeds. 

  • No Man Before: 

Look at No Man Before’s preset bundle if travel photos are one of your Instagram topics. This site is considered best for the modern explorer as their presets can give a warm look to any of your photos. A sample pack of lightroom presets is also available on their site which you can download for free. 

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