Are Lightroom Presets Still in Trend? QA with Bloggers & Where to Buy.

You may think today Lightroom presets are everywhere and it’s time for people to get tired of them so that no one wants to buy presets anymore. However, is this true and do bloggers really stop editing photos?

We have decided to ask about it several popular influencers (famous Instagram bloggers).

Do you think Lightroom presets are becoming a thing of the past?

“No, no way. There is definitely new trend in colours but the presets always make your photos unique and editing quick and easy!”

“I don’t think mobile presets will ever go away. They are becoming more popular for a reason. It is just awesome to be able to edit your photos on-the-go in your mobile and create stunning content.”

“I believe that only people who never used Lightroom presets can think like this! Haha. If you are serious about blogging and making money, I’d recommend go and buy Lightroom presets right now!”

If you were starting you blogging career just now, would you recommend to buy presets for Lightroom to create professional content?

“Absolutely. Are there people who question it?”

“Well you can definitely avoid purchasing Lightroom presets. But in this case to look professional you will need to create your own editing and photo style from scratch. This might seem easy but it’s actually hard unless you are an experienced photographer/retoucher. Oh yes and it’s super time consuming.”

“Yes, this is what I did and saved so much time. This let me focus on my text content and get famous very quickly. People also love colours of my feed, which makes me even more popular.”

What colours would you suggest to choose for your feed?

“Frankly speaking, it is personal preference. Any colours will get popular if your Instagram feed looks cohesive.”

“I know that light, brownish and pink tinted photos are loved by many subscribers.”

“I believe this depends on the topic of your blog. E.g, if you have a women’s blog then you might choose pink presets or something closer to it, if it is a business blog, then you might go better with minimalist light or dark presets.”

Where would you recommend to buy Lightroom presets?

“There are plenty of shops these days. I would check them and choose what I prefer. I can say 100% that do not buy very cheap or get Free presets. This will just waste of time.”

“I bought from one of the influencers. However, now when I see that The Preset Design shop offers similar presets at a better price – I would suggest to buy presets here! An by the way, this shop has a big bundle of all presets for just around $50, right? Well this the best value I’ve seen – just get it and try them all.”

“I bought mine long time ago at your shop on Etsy – thank you! 🙂 I am a travel blogger and use tropical presets with some modifications from my side. So I would recommend The Preset Design shop as they were a beginning of my success.”

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