Where / How to Buy Instagram Presets for Lightroom Mobile App and What Happens Next?

Step 1. Purchase Lightroom Presets for Instagram

There are various places to get Lightroom presets in 2020. First of all, you can Google “Buy Lightroom Presets”, “Buy Instagram Presets” or “Buy Presets” to find online stores selling different types of products. Here at The Preset Design we offer amazing Premium Lightroom Presets for Mobile that are much loved by our customers. We have collected over 3,400 reviews and counting! 🙂 If you want to check our current special offers please CLICK HERE.

There are also many places offering Free Lightroom presets. However, keep in mind that these presets are not always of a good quality. Thus sometimes it is better to get premium presets rather than paying a little or wasting time installing cheaper versions. Oh Yes! And if you are after Free presets, then at our store we have a stunning limited offer BUY 1 GET 1 FREE / BUY 2 GET 2 FREE. Check it out here!

Lightroom presets for Instagram - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Step 2. Download and Install your Lightroom Presets

Wherever you get your Lightroom presets, you will complete this step next.

First, you will need to download your preset files (DNG files) vis the link provided. Different sellers might provide different options to download from. However, there is always an alternative option that every shop’s support will provide (in case you got presets for Free – there is no support – another “free” disadvantage!).

Secondly, you will need to install the presets as per instructions provided. And again, it is a great idea to have support you can ask. Installation is quite easy, however for the first time users it might seem a bit messy.

As for our store, when you buy Instagram presets we provide a short Video Guide to ensure that absolutely everyone can install the presets in Lightroom App within seconds. We also offer 24/7 online support to make you editing easy and fun!

What phone can you use? All our photo presets are compatible with the FREE Adobe Lightroom App that can be downloaded here for: IPhone or Android

If you have any problems along the way with your Lightroom mobile presets, you can contact us at any time. Check our FAQ and How To Install Lightroom mobile presets guide.

Review of Best Lightroom Presets for Mobile

Step 3. Start Editing for your Instagram!

Well I believe you know what to do next. 🙂

After you have installed your Lightroom App presets, you can immediately start applying the newly created photo presets to your own photos. Start with uploading your own image to the Lightroom App, then go to ‘Presets’ and under section ‘User Presets’ find your new Instagram preset for Lightroom. Apply!

That’s it!

Happy editing 🙂

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