5 Ways How to Edit Your Photos with Lightroom Presets and Tools to look Light and Airy

1. Using Lightroom presets (Instagram presets)

Lightroom Presets are always a great way to go. My personal favourite Lightroom preset and a daily go-to is SOFT AIRY. This preset acts as a filter, and makes my photos very light and bright with warm highlights and soft contrast that very on-trend and popular among those loving minimalist style. Using presets cut down on editing time and ensure a consistent, polished look across all my photos.

However, there are various light and airy presets with different accents. Some are brighter and more vibrant than other presets – Try them out HERE.


2. Increasing exposure

Some photos come out looking a bit dark. In this case increasing the exposure is a perfect way to increase the brightness of your whites and colours. I like to add the exposure to around +0.75 – 2, but never more than +2.50. The perfect setting will always vary because lighting and camera settings can change from one photo to another.

Right exposure will typically look dark. Over-exposed image often looks aesthetically and eye-catching because it appears bright and airy. That’s why many people choose to go with this option.

3. Reducing temperature

Temperature is to the degree of warmth (reds, oranges and yellows) or coolness (blues, purples and greens) in a photo that can be changed depending on your preference. I like a slightly warmer image rather than cooler as it makes phots look cosier and nicer overall. However, to make whites look whiter, I would lower the temperature to achieve a colder look. Try this setting – it is easy and quick fix for some images.

You can always play with temperature after you apply certain Lightroom presets and wish to modify them a bit.

4. Changing contrast

Contrast is a great and easy tool to give your images an extra boost in saturation. It also makes whites and blacks stand out. So by changing contrast you can always make white pop.

With contrast there is one problem – you can over-use it. Always avoid letting the photo look over-edited as this results in some loss of detail, removes many of the mid tones and makes photo very artificial.

5. Brightening shadows

Increasing the contrast can make shadows and mid tones very dark. So it is often a great idea to try to adjust the tones by brightening the shadows.

Brightening shadows brings back details and creates as softer image with more natural look.

Whichever way you choose, Lightroom presets will always be a good start for editing. As after you apply it, you give the image a general edit and can make some adjustments to create your perfect image.

Lightroom presets will help you stay consistent throughout your editing. If you are an Instagrammer, they will help you to create an aesthetic cohesive look of your feed, which is very professional, eye-catching and appealing to your followers.

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